Slot Game Overview – Snake Arena (by Relax Gaming)

It may be hard to believe, but a game named Blockade served as the inspiration for Snake all the way back in 1976. The firm with the clever name Gremlin made it, and it was successful. A fewyears later, many gamers may recognize Snake from the preloaded version that came with Nokia phones in the 1990s. Over 300 different versions exist for users of Apple’s iOS platform. Even in the realm of online slots, multiple iterations exist, the most recent being Snake from Gamevy.

Relax Gaming is the team behind Snake Arena. Small, intricate symbols, like those found in Clash of Clans, give the game a totally contemporary feel, along with tons of personality and charm. The Snake Arena slot machine has 5 reels and 5 rows and is located in the courtyard of a fortified castle. The background music fits the theme perfectly, and there are some nice tiny effects that play on top of it. At first glance, Snake Arena may look like a standard grid slot with a cluster payouts bonus round. However, it only has 30 fixed paylines and the minimum number of symbols required to win is 3.

There are eight total new symbols in the game, four of which pay low and four of which pay high. Silver, blue, bronze, and gold coins with various markings serve as the low payments. Beer steins, ham and daggers, an eyeball orb, and a jeweled crown are just some of the wacky, irreverent prizes up for grabs. Five of a kind of the crown is worth twenty times the bet. The Knight wild is the more common 1×1 size, while the snake wild can grow rather large and substitute for other symbols throughout the board. The game’s high volatility and RTP (96.25%) are its main selling points. The base game can get a touch slow to be fair, with plenty of little to no value spins. A few of entertaining additions have been made to increase interest and revenue.

Features of the Snake Arena Slot Machine by Relax Gaming

The serpent and the Knight are the game’s central protagonists. We’ll start with the Wild Goose Chase. This feature has a fully random chance of disappearing at any time throughout the main game. The reels spin and the snake and the Knight appear on the screen at opposing ends of the screen when the trigger is pressed. If the Knight and the snake both peek at the same reel, the snake will attempt to bite the Knight, turning the entire reel wild. If they don’t land on the same reel in those three attempts, there won’t be any more wilds and the spin will end. At the very least, the Wild Chase feature will grant you a wild reel, and it has the potential to make all reels wild.

The game’s other distinguishing characteristic, the Free Spins round, is the result of the second feature. When the snake’s head appears on reel 1 and the Knight appears anyplace else on the screen, the feature is activated. During the round, the Knight lands in a different location on each spin. The body of the serpent and the Knight become wild after the reels stop spinning, and payouts are determined. The snake then makes its approach toward the Knight in an attempt to devour him. If there is no obstruction in its path, it will consume the Knight, causing its body size to increase and the next free spin to begin. If the snake heads for the Knight and its own body gets in the way, it will eat itself. If the snake succeeds to cover reels 2- 5, the eat meter above the reels is filled and the player is paid a jackpot of 1,000 times the stake. There is no predetermined amount of bonus turns. If the snake doesn’t kill itself, the game goes on until someone wins the grand reward.

Players may be able to purchase free spins, albeit this varies by jurisdiction. To play the bonus round on the next spin, you’ll need to wager 70 times your initial bet.

The Verdict on the Relax Gaming Slot, “Snake Arena”

The bonus round will feel quite familiar to anyone who has played on an older Nokia phone or any of the numerous similar games. Snake Arena is a cutting-edge pokie that harkens back to classic machines. The idea is both novel and familiar.

Although the Wild Chase function is helpful, Snake Arena’s main draw is the bonus game. It’s what everyone will be talking about, and to be perfectly honest, the core gameplay can get boring. Not much seems to occur, and the symbol values aren’t really impressive. To the point where clicking “Buy” to skip to the excellent stuff is almost an automatic response. During bonus spins, the snake may be both entertaining and annoying. When someone does what you desire, you consider him a close friend. When he does something incredibly stupid, like walk somewhere and end up chewing his tail, players will be yelling at their screens. And he will; the guy chooses the straightest, least logical paths to the Knight at times.

Of course, there are those moments when everything falls into place. It’s easy to get fixated on the snake killing the Knight and lose sight of the money you’re making along the road. Free spins are the single most important factor in maximizing your winnings. Although the jackpot in Snake Arena is just 1,000x for covering 4 reels, it is still better than the average slot machine. And if you’ve made it that far, you will have picked up a fair number victories along the way.

Overall, opinions on Snake Arena are divided. The ingenious free spins feature is where the game really shines. The rest of the game, however, falls a bit flat. You’ll have a blast if the snake decides to slither its way toward you. If it doesn’t, it’s very annoying, especially if you just paid for it. If nothing else, try out the Snake Arena demo. Even if only for some throwback Snake fun.






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