An Overview of the Slot Game Crystal Cavern Megaways

Crystallisation is the process by which a solid is formed by the clustering of molecules into ordered structures. This might take a little amount of time or a very long time. If Crystal Cavern Megaways were a real crystal, Pragmatic Play seems to have cheated in its creation. There are two causes for this response. One, there are some striking similarities between Play’n GO’s Frozen Gems and Crystal Cavern Megaways in terms of both design and tone. The game also utilizes a number of standard Megaways elements, including tumbles, expanding wilds, growing multipliers, free spins, and the ability to buy more features.

Let’s set the stage first: Crystal Cavern Megaways does take place in underground caverns, which are bursting at the seams with blue-lit crystals that protrude in every which way. The thrill of finding a hidden corridor like this underneath must be palpable for professional cavers. Coming across a previously undiscovered crystal cave. One can only speculate as to what additional treasures lie dormant beneath the earth, just waiting to be discovered.

Here we return to Crystal Cavern Megaways, a game that is played on a game panel that includes six primary reels that can contain up to seven symbols apiece and a horizontal bonus reel that has four positions. The maximum number of paylines is 117,649 and it depends on the number of symbols on each reel. Pragmatic Play’s usual high standards for statistical accuracy are met by Crystal Caverns Megaways, at least when played with the standard 96.46% return-to-player percentage. The maximum win has been increased in line with the recent actions of the studio, and the volatility is also significant.

Payment is made for matching symbols that appear in consecutive, left-to-right reels. There are a total of nine, and they range from J-A royals to a group of pink, green, purple, blue, and red crystals representing the highest payouts. If six premium icons appear on a payline, the payout might be anywhere from 1.5 times to 25 times the wager. The golden-green wild can appear on reels 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6. The wild symbol can be used in lieu of any other icon save the scatter.

Slot Bonuses and Features in Crystal Cavern Megaways

Features where players receive tumbles, expanding wilds, growing multipliers, free spins, and maybe a bonus purchase have been described in detail by Pragmatic Play.

Rollover Function

The tumble function works to clear the reels of winning symbols once a payout has been made. When empty spaces are filled by new or existing symbols, new wins can occur. If no fresh wins materialize, the tumble function will stop.

Growing in the Wild

In both the regular and bonus games, the wild symbol will grow to fill an entire reel whenever it appears anywhere on the screen (save the very top row). When a wild symbol expands to fill an entire reel, the total number of symbols on that reel is increased by one.

Multiplier that Goes Up

This works for both the main and additional games. A one-point boost is applied to the win multiplier after each roll. The base game’s multiplier is reset to x1 once all tumbles have concluded.

Bonus Turns

Landing 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols will launch the bonus game, where you may earn 12, 16, or 20 free spins, with payouts of 5x, 10x, or 100x the stake. The multiplier for wins does not reset until the free spins round is over, which is the biggest difference. When 3 or more scatters appear, the expanding wilds stay in play and you receive 5 more free spins.

Money for Spins

The odds of getting free spins throughout your session are low, occurring just once every 420 spins. Players might opt to spend 80 times their bet to activate them immediately.

Slot Review: Crystal Cavern Megaways

Whatever Pragmatic Play’s grand goal for global dominance may be, it appears that saturation plays a crucial role in it. We’re not trying to shame the company for their efficiency, but there’s no law mandating a certain length of time between releases. When they release a game like Crystal Cavern Megaways, which doesn’t accomplish anything novel or exciting with its concept or gameplay, it’s a bit of a letdown. It’s not that Crystal Cavern Megaways is a horrible game, but it’s clearly a slapdash job, with features and aesthetics lifted wholesale from other games.

The first logical step was to model the aesthetics after Frozen Gems. It’s a combination of the wintery setting, crystals and stones, snowflakes and certain colors, and intricate designs that set off each symbol. When compared side by side, the two games are nearly indistinguishable. There are also the characteristics. Since the tumble, progressive multiplier, and free spin combination can result in such exciting Megaways play, these are more difficult to criticize. In this case, it’s even better because the game employs a progressive multiplier even in the regular mode. When you add in the growing wild, you get features that operate great in theory but seem nearly antiquated in practice due to how overused they are and how poorly they are presented. When things are going well in the game, you may expect payouts of up to 10,000 times your initial wager. At least the 5,000x cap that has plagued Pragmatic’s recent Megaways games has been lifted.

To sum up, Crystal Cavern Megaways is a typical Pragmatic Play game in that it plays well, looks passable, and has reliable metrics. While it’s clear that Pragmatic Play’s design staff is capable, it’s a shame to see them put their skills to waste on games like this.






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